Tyburn Martyrs

Pilgrims and tourists from all over the world visit the Shrine of the Martyrs at Tyburn.
Catholic priests may arrange to celebrate Mass at the altar of the Martyrs.
A sister is available for guided tours of the shrine.  Please Contact Us to confirm.  Groups should make a prior appointment. 


Take a tour... The above photo shows the Martyrs' Altar with a small replica of the Tyburn Tree being shown to a group of pilgrims.

Read more... On the tour of the Martyrs' Crypt you will see the two panels of stained glass windows, the work of Margaret Rope, which depict scenes from the life of the martyrs.  The first panel combines incidents of the martyrs and the works of mercy.  The second panel concentrates on the beatitudes as found in the lives of these martyrs.

Read more... The top photo shows many relics of the martyrs who died at Tyburn in the period of Reformation while below the film unfolds the history of the Tyburn Tree and the Tyburn Martyrs as explained by one of our nuns.

Read more... Many pilgrims visit the Martyrs' Shrine for personal prayer out of devotion to the holiness of these Martyrs.  Also many pilgrim groups come and have Holy Mass celebrated in honour of the Martyrs in this sacred place.