Tyburn Martyrs

Pilgrims and tourists from all over the world visit the Shrine of the Martyrs at Tyburn.
Catholic priests may arrange to celebrate Mass at the altar of the Martyrs.
A sister is available for guided tours of the shrine.  Please Contact Us to confirm.
Groups should make a prior appointment.

  • Linen and straw stained with the blood of five Jesuit martyrs:
    Thomas Whitbread
    William Harcourt
    John Fenwick
    Antony Turner
    John Gavan
    Condemned for Oates plot and died at Tyburn, 20 June 1679.

  • From the finger of St John Roberts O.S.B., convert, condemned for his priesthood. Hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn, 10 December 1610.

  • Top – Vertebra cut through by the executioner of John Lockwood, martyred at York, 13 April 1642, aged 87.

    Bottom – From the precordia of John Lockwood. Centre – Tape from round the coffin at Douay of St John Southworth, martyred at Tyburn 28 June 1654. His body lies in Westminster Cathedral.

  • Hair from one of the martyrs.

  • Fingernail of Bl Thomas Holland S.J. condemned for his priesthood. At Tyburn on 12 December 1642 he yielded up his life saying: "If I had as many lives as there are hairs on my head, drops of water in the ocean, or stars in the firmament, I would most willingly sacrifice them all."

  • St Oliver Plunkett: the last Tyburn Martyr, died at Tyburn, 1 July 1681.
    Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland, he was brought to London for a rigged trial, found guilty of treason and sentenced to die the traitor’s death. He was drawn to Tyburn on a hurdle in his pontifical robes.