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M Marie Joseph Monastic Profession

   Mother Marie-Joseph of the Sacred Heart Newsome          on her  Monastic Profession at Tyburn Convent, London    on 18 June, 2014

  M Marie Joseph at Adoration

Mother Marie-Joseph at Adoration after her Monastic Profession (Picture courtesy of Simon Caldwell, St Gabriel News & Media)    



 I first felt the call to religious life when I was 6 years old.  We had an abundance of missionary magazines in our home at that time and I read as many of them as I could.  I remember that I started giving up ice-cream and any other treats so that I could have the money instead to give to the missions.  I thought I was called to be a missionary nun but God had other plans and He led me instead to our Tyburn Monastery in Auckland, New Zealand where I entered about a month after my 26th birthday.  After 4 ½ years there, I was transferred to our new monastery in Ngakuru, New Zealand where I spent 2 years before coming to our Mother House here at Tyburn Convent, London.  This House is on the site of the Tyburn Martyrs and it is where our saintly Mother Foundress, Marie Adèle Garnier lived and died.  Her tomb is here and many people come to visit it or send prayer requests to ask Divine favours through her intercession.  Mother Foundress found the Sun of her life in the Holy Mass.  Our Congregation is consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  We have 12 Houses around the world but are one close-knit family entirely dedicated to divine worship in the liturgy and in the perpetual adoration of the Holy Eucharist, and seeks to draw down, though the Heart of Jesus, abundant graces for the Holy Father, the Church and for the entire human family.

Rt Rev Bishop Denis Browne kindly came all the way from the ends of the earth – which is of course New Zealand, the country nearest the bottom of the globe – to be the main celebrant at my Monastic Profession.  He is from Hamilton diocese in New Zealand where one of our monasteries is situated.  He knew my family before I entered and was a concelebrant at my Temporary Profession in New Zealand.  We were excited and delighted that he accepted our invitation and it really meant so much to me.

It is important to me to make vows to God at Monastic Profession because they bind me for life to this Congregation to which He has called me.  It is a renunciation of everything; I come to God with all that I have and all that I am.  It becomes for those who remain faithful to it, the starting point towards perfection and an unfailing source of spiritual blessings.  The more I contemplate the fact that I am now the spouse of Christ my Bridegroom forever in this life and in the next, the more unfathomable to me is the immeasurable love, mercy and condescension He has for me and each one of us – it is beyond words.



Do you feel you have a calling?  Our monastic vocation is a divine call to set out on a spiritual journey which leads away from self and takes us to the Heart of God.  It is tested and proved by the fruit of our love for one another.

I now invite you now to listen to some of our Sisters as they tell their story of their vocation at different stages of their journey to God.  If you feel that God may be calling you we invite you to complete the form below and get in touch with us.


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