El Monasterio del Sagrado Corazon, Sechura, Peru

Peru Monastery


In 1976, EL MONASTERIO DEL SAGRADO CORAZÓN was founded in response to the invitation of Archbishop Hurtado of Piura.  He wished to have the Tyburn Nuns in order to ensure continual prayer for priests and priestly vocations, as well as to provide a centre of Benedictine spirituality and Eucharistic Prayer for the Archdiocese.  In 1981 the monastery was re-sited fifty kilometres away from Piura, at the ancient fishing town of Sechura, where the people had never been served by Religious in all their long history.

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El Monasterio del Sagrado Corazón, Plaza Juan Pablo II, Sechura, Peru
Telephone:  073 377 271 

HOLY MASS        7.00 am (Weekdays)
                         6.30 am (Sundays)
Nocturns           5.00 am
Lauds                6.20 am
Terce                9.05 am
Sext                12.00 noon
None                 4.05 pm
Vespers             5.20 pm
Compline          7.30 pm

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