Tyburn Priory, Riverstone, Australia

 Tyburn Priory

 At the invitation of Cardinal Norman Gilroy, TYBURN PRIORY was founded at North Sydney in 1956.  Two elderly nuns aflame with faith and joy began this monastery.  After moving to Manly near Sydney’s North Head in 1962, the Priory again moved in 1986 to Riverstone in the Parramatta diocese, near the Blue Mountains.  Here the monastic Church was built and then consecrated in 1988.

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Tyburn Priory
325 Garfield Road
NSW Australia 2765
Telephone:  02 9627 5171


HOLY MASS       7.00 am (Weekdays); 7.30 am (Sunday)
Nocturns           5.15 am (Weekdays); 5.45 am (Sunday)               
Lauds                6.35 am (Weekdays); 7.05 am (Sunday)             
Terce                8.50am (Weekdays);  After Holy Mass (Sunday)         
Sext                12.10 pm               
None                 3.15 pm                
Vespers             4.30 pm
Compline           7.30 pm



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