In  the  Footsteps  of  Marie  Adele  Pilgrimage  to  Tyburn  and  France 4-16 May 2018 for Oblates and Friends








DAY 1.  4 May 2018

Tyburn, London Solemnity of the Tyburn Martyrs, High Mass and reception at Tyburn Convent the site where over 105 martyrs died for the faith during the English reformation. The tomb of Mother Marie-Adele Garnier rests here. Pilgrims need to find their own accommodation in London. Accommodation is organised for France only.

DAY 2.  5 May 2018

London to Montmartre, Paris. Travel by bus to Paris and stay on Montmartre where the Tyburn Nuns were founded.

DAY 3.  6 May 2018

Montmartre, Paris Holy Mass in the crypt of Montmartre at the altar where Mother Marie-Adele made her first vows. St Ignatius of Loyola and the first Jesuits also made their first vows here. Opportunity for free time in Paris.

DAY 4.  7 May 2018

Paris – Chartres – Laval – Pontmain
Mother Marie Adele Garnier was one of the first pilgrims to Pontmain where Our Lady appeared in 1870. She drew the first official image of the apparition.

DAY 5.  8 May 2018

Pontmain – Mont Saint Michel – Pontmain
Marie-Adele first received her religious vocation at Mont Saint Michel.

DAY 6.  9 May 2018

Pontmain – Poitiers The National Vow was enshrined in the Basilica at Montmartre was conceived in Poitiers.

DAY 7.  10 May 2018

Poitiers – Lourdes Marie-Adele made a pilgrimage to Lourdes when she fell ill after her first sojourn at Montmartre.

DAY 8.  11 May 2018

Lourdes Pilgrims are free to bath in the miraculous waters of Lourdes.

DAY 9.  12 May 2018

Lourdes – Nevers Marie-Adele visited Nevers.  The body of StBernadette of Lourdes now rests at Nevers.

DAY 10.  13 May 2018

Nevers – Saint Loup sur Aujon The Tyburn Monastery at Saint Loup sur Aujon is only 32km from the house where Marie-Adele was born.

DAY 11.  14 May 2018

Saint Loup – Dijon/Citeaux – Saint Loup Marie-Adele spent lived in Dijon for many years. The Cistercian order was founded at Citeaux.  Marie-Adele surely knew this famous monastery.

DAY 12.  15 May 2018

Saint Loup – Grancey-le-Château – Saint Loup  Holy Mass will be celebrated in the house at Grancey-le-Château where Mother Marie- Adele was born.

DAY 13.  16 May 2018

Saint Loup – London  Return to Tyburn.

Price:  £1,000.00

Booking Information

The pilgrimage price of £1,000.00 includes: travel by coach, accommodation, breakfast and evening meals. Lunch is not included.

A deposit of £250 (pound sterling) is required in order to reserve a place on the pilgrimage. This deposit is not refundable upon cancellation.

Places will be reserved for the first 30 pilgrims to pay a deposit. Those who are unable to obtain a place may be placed on a reserve list.

The full payment for the pilgrimage must be made no later than 31 January 2018.

Places on the pilgrimage will become vacant if there is a failure to make the full payment. Those on the reserve list will be eligible to fill any vacant places after 31 January 2018.

Pilgrims need to find their own accommodation in London. Accommodation is organised for France only.

Accommodation, for the most part will be in religious houses, and will be double rooms.

For more information please Contact Us.