Service Times


Tyburn Convent, 8 Hyde Park Place, London W2 2LJ

HOLY MASS     7.30 am (Mon - Fri),  10.00 am (Sat & Sun)

Nocturns         5.30 am

Lauds             7.05 am

Terce              9.15 am (Weekdays); 9.50 am (Saturday & Sunday)

Sext              12.10 pm

None               3.15 pm

Vespers           4.30 pm

Compline        8.10 pm

First FridayMass and prayers for priests:  6.45 pm to 9.30 pm

Eucharistic Adoration Day and Night.  Church open to the public from 6.30 am to 8.30 pm and at night by arrangement.

Tyburn Association of Adoration

Guided Martyrs' Crypt Tours:   Daily at 3.30 pm.   Please Contact Us to confirm.  Group visits by prior arrangement.   Priests may arrange to celebrate Holy Mass at the Altar of the Martyrs. 

Monastic Afternoon every 1st Sunday 2 pm - 5 pm (DVD on our religious life, Talk on Martyrs, Tea, Vespers 4.30 pm)

Closest Underground Station:  Marble Arch


Benedictine Monastery, 5 Mackerston Place, Largs, Scotland, KA30 8BY

HOLY MASS        9.00 am (Monday-Thursday); 12.00 noon (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Solemnities)

Nocturns           5.30 am (Monday-Friday); 6.00 am (Saturday & Sunday)

Lauds                7.00 am (Monday-Friday); 8.00 am (Saturday & Sunday)

Terce                8.50 am (integrated with 9.00 am Mass; 9.15 am when Mass is at 12.00 noon)

Sext                12.15 pm (when Mass is 9.00 am; 11.50 am integrated with 12.00 noon Mass)

None                 3.50 pm

Vespers             5.00 pm

Compline           8.05 pm

Study Day on the Life and Spirituality of our Mother Foundress -  last Saturday of every month.   For more information and bookings please contact Rev. Mother Prioress on telephone 01475 687 320 or email Tyburn Largs.

All-Night Adoration for the Lay Faithful. 

St Benedict's Priory, The Mount, Cobh, County Cork, Ireland

HOLY MASS        8.30 am (Sunday); 9.00 am (Weekdays)

Nocturns           5.30 am

Lauds                7.10 am

Terce                8.50 am

Sext                12.40 pm

None                 3.40 pm

Vespers             5.00 pm

Compline           8.00 pm

Last Saturday of every month:  Day of Recollection with Servant of God, Mother Marie Adèle Garnier, Foundress of the Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus OSB.  Begins at 9am with Holy Mass finishing with tea at 3.30.  Lunch provided.  To book your place or arrange to stay in our retreat house at anytime pleae contact Mother Prioress at 021 4811 354.


Tyburn Priory, 325 Garfield Road East, Riverstone, NSW, Australia 2765

HOLY MASS       7.00 am (Weekdays); 7.30 am (Sunday)

Nocturns           5.15 am (Weekdays); 5.45 am (Sunday)               

Lauds                6.30 am (Weekdays); 7.00 am (Sunday)             

Terce                8.47am (Weekdays);  After Holy Mass (Sunday)         

Sext                12.00 noon               

None                 3.00 pm                

Vespers             4.00 pm              

Compline          7.20 pm


El Monasterio del Sagrado Corazón, Plaza Juan Pablo II, Sechura, Peru

HOLY MASS        7.00 am (Weekdays); 6.30 am (Sundays)

 Nocturns           5.00 am

Lauds                 6.20 am

Terce                 9.05 am

Sext                  12.00 noon

None                   4.05 pm

Vespers               5.20 pm

Compline            7.30 pm

Tyburn Monastery, 100 Chamberlain Rd, R.D. Bombay, South Auckland, New Zealand 2675

HOLY MASS         9.30 am

Nocturns             5:30am     

Lauds                  7:00am      

Terce                   9:20am      

Sext                   12:25pm    

None                    3:15pm       

Vespers                4:30pm       

Compline              8:00pm        


Monastero Madonna Dell' Eucaristia, Via Cardinal Bofondi, 10, 00165, Roma, Italia

HOLY MASS         7.30 am Monday to Saturday, 9.00 am Sundays

Nocturns             5.30 am

Lauds                  7.00 am

Terce                  9.20 am   (8.40 am Sundays)

Sext                  12.10 pm

None                  4.20 pm

Vespers              5.30 pm

Compline            8.00 pm


Tyburn Monastery Cor Iesu FonsVitae, 74 Dods Road, Ngakuru, Rotorua, New Zealand 3077

HOLY MASS         9.00 am

Nocturns            5.30 am

Lauds                 6.50 am  

Terce                 8.50 am

Sext                 11.45 am

None                  2.50 pm

Vespers              4.30 pm

Compline           8.00 pm

Church is open to the public from 5.30 am to 8.30 pm.


Tyburn Monastère du Cœur Eucharistique de Jésus, 3,  rue du Couvent, 52210 St Loup-sur-Aujon, France

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