Monastero Madonna dell Eucaristia, Rome, Italy

Monastero Madonna dell Eucaristia


 MONASTERO MADONNA DELL’ EUCARISTIA was founded as a special sacrifice for the Year of the Eucharist.  At the beginning of that year our Congregation promised Pope John Paul II that we would found a monastery of Perpetual Adoration in Rome dedicated to prayer for the Pope and the Church.  The first Holy Mass was offered in the Monastery on 21 October, 2005.  The small monastery is situated close to the centre of the city in a small palocina independent with its own very private garden quite close to the Vatican.  In the tiny chapel of the monastery daily Mass is offered using the chalice Pope John Paul II gave the Nuns as his blessing to their coming to Rome to pray for him, the living Holy Father and the Church there.

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Monastero Madonna Dell' Eucaristia, Via Cardinal Bofondi, 10, 00165 Roma, Italia
Telephone:  06 644 00220

HOLY MASS         7.30 am Mon-Sat, 9.00 am Sun
Nocturns             5.30 am
Lauds                  7.00 am
Terce                  9.20 am   (8.40 am Sun)
Sext                  12.10 pm
None                  3.45 pm
Vespers              5.00 pm
Compline            7.40 pm


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